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Photography University Union, Phoenix Room ASarah Detweiler • Sunshine Tourtillott Screen Printing For Social Change University Union, Phoenix Room ADiana Hoover • Jaclyn Weitzel The joys of motherhood... or not. University Union, Phoenix Room ANicole David • Teresa Faris Application of Innovation and Service Design University Union, Phoenix RoomsNese Nasif • Kara Stushek Does Individualism/Collectivism affect the Relationship between Trust and Life Satisfaction? An Analysis of Individuals from the G20 Countries! University Union, Phoenix RoomsAditya Simha • Jessica Stevens Shipping and Return-Shipping Costs do not Cost the Same! Examining the Role of Shipping Costs, Gender and Product Price in Online Buying University Union, Phoenix RoomsGaurav Bansal • Emma Nies Trust in government and ease of doing Business: A Critical Analysis. University Union, Phoenix RoomsSakib Mahmud • Opeyemi Omiwale A Qualitative Study of Best Practices in Police-School Partnerships University Union, Phoenix RoomsEmily Clark • Timothy Kaufman An Analysis of Impacts of the 2013 Public School Closures on Chicago Communities University Union, Phoenix RoomsErin DeMuynck • Eric McDaniel An Experimental Analysis of Verbal Behavior: Effects of Blocking Intermediacy Behaviors on the Latency to Respond in a Math Task University Union, Phoenix RoomsMike Harmon • Tiffany Kodak • Theresa Mayland Broadening Participation In STEM For The Children of My Aina (Home) University Union, Phoenix RoomsPrajukti Bhattacharyya • Kalama Kamoku • James Konvalinka Can Brain Games Be Brain Food? University Union, Phoenix RoomsAmber Collegnon • Regan Gurung Effects of Stress Level, Health, Financial Status, and Sleep Behaviors on Academic Performance University Union, Phoenix RoomsMicaela Fafnis • Breanna Gonring • Sarah Lesniak • Sawa Senzaki • Elizabeth Thiel • Sheng Yeng Xiong Gamers Rejoice: Does Game Play Increase Learning on Cognitive Tasks? University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamantha Alger-Feser • Amber Collegnon • Jaclyn Delagrange • Regan Gurung Pay Attention: Gender Differences in Attention Span University Union, Phoenix RoomsSavannah Bruecker • Jason Cowell • Paola Gonzalez • Sawa Senzaki • Danielle Zahn • Taylor Zuleger Psychology Major and Podcast Engagement Evaluation University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamantha Alger-Feser • Amber Gollata • Ryan Martin • Sophia Sielen • Katrina Weber Student Anxiety and the Writing Center University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristina Marty • Debra Ruff • Nick Schommer • Kaija Snyder • Kaila Vander Wielen The (inductive) benefit of being far out: The influence of spatial proximity on diversity-based reasoning University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristopher Lawson • Jennifer Rodewald • Noah Wolfe The Effects of Fantasy Orientation on Executive Function Skills and Attention Processes University Union, Phoenix RoomsSavannah Bruecker • Sawa Senzaki • Katrina Weber • Danielle Zahn Analysis of Vowels Associated with Stuttering University Union, Phoenix RoomsCarol Seery • Hannah Smith Anti and Pro Inflammatory Fibers in a Mouse colitis Model University Union, Phoenix RoomsBreanna Palmen • Fabian Preuss • David Rosing Antimicrobial Potential of Rose Tinctures University Union, Phoenix RoomsWyatt Cook • Lisa Kroutil • Daniel Parlin • Morgan Waste Binge Drinking Impact on Verbal Memory Recall in Adolescents and Young Adults University Union, Phoenix RoomsMaryBeth Groth • Kyle Jennette • Krista Lisdahl Design and Fabrication of a Microfluidic Device to Entrap Single Human Cells and Measure Extracellular pH University Union, Phoenix RoomsMiranda Bader-Goodman • Kolt Bode • Jorge Camacho • Hannah Exner • Bridget White Determining Biochemical Response of Single Human Colorectal Carcinoma Cell to Cesium Using Microfluidics &Raman Spectroscopy University Union, Phoenix RoomsMiranda Bader-Goodman • Kolt Bode • Jorge Camacho • Adarsh Sukhwal • Carley Traverse • Bridget White Development of a Microfluidic PH Sensor to Measure Extracellular PH of Human Colorectal Carcinoma University Union, Phoenix RoomsMiranda Bader-Goodman • Kolt Bode • Jorge Camacho • Carley Traverse • Bridget White Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency (GBED) and Postnatal Reproductive Outcomes in Horses University Union, Phoenix RoomsTherese Anderson • Casie Bass • Kurt Vogel In vitro effect of combination cesium, vitamin A, and zinc gluconate treatment on human cancer cells University Union, Phoenix RoomsMiranda Bader-Goodman • Nicole Bailey • Deijane Banks • Adarsh Sukhwal • Carley Traverse • Macayla Willis Morphology Control of Magnetic Nanoparticles University Union, Phoenix RoomsMandeep Bakshi • Mackenzie Hemauer Perceived Stress in Marijuana-using Adolescents and Young Adults University Union, Phoenix RoomsKristen Leer • Krista Lisdahl Screening aquatic actinomycete metabolite for cytotoxicity in ovarian cancer cells University Union, Phoenix RoomsGeorgette Heyrman • Alex Kershner • Kelsey Marineau • Ramsey Peterson Studying Hmong Health University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Isaias Jauregui • Bao Nhia Xiong The Acute Effects of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization vs. Foam Rolling on Range of Motion of the Low Leg University Union, Phoenix RoomsScott Doberstein • Mychaela Parker The Effect of Dopamine Receptor D4 Variances on Equine Yearling Behavioral Response to a Novel Object University Union, Phoenix RoomsTherese Anderson • Scott Ballantyne • Casie Bass • Kurt Vogel The Effects of Inhibition of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex on Symptoms of Depression in an Animal Model. University Union, Phoenix RoomsSophie Ackerman • James Cortright • Bryce Podgorsek The Effects of oral consumption of Echinacea on human neutrophils University Union, Phoenix RoomsCollin DuChene • Sam Engel • Rachel Gordon • Emanuel Hernandez • Breeana Kittredge • Lindsey Meis • Brian Merkel • Hannah O'Mara • Keyur Patel Understanding Mental Health: A Closer Look at Depression University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Anastasia Lundquist An AC Hall effect apparatus to measure the electrical properties of zinc oxide thin films University Union, Phoenix RoomsPalash Banerjee • Seth King • Adam Opperman Characterization of Biomass Degrading Bacillus and Paenibacillus species from a Wet Fermentation Digester University Union, Phoenix RoomsKonrad Fondrie • Sabrina Mueller-Spitz • Samantha Schroeder Comparison of Antioxidant, Collagenase Inhibition, and Radical Scavenging Activity of 6 Different Skin Care Products University Union, Phoenix RoomsLisa Kroutil • Leslie Meyer Determining the function of a small protein involved in the regulation of manganese homeostasis in E. coli. University Union, Phoenix RoomsLauren Waters • Nathan Witman Effects of agricultural pollinator conservation practices on species richness and diversity. University Union, Phoenix RoomsJospeh Gathman • Nathan Grosse • Veronica Justen Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on Cardiac Function in Fruit Flies University Union, Phoenix RoomsDouglas Brusich • Lauren Putnam Effects of Triclocarban on the Amphipod, Gammarus pseudolimnaeus University Union, Phoenix RoomsElizabeth Harrahy • Lindsay Light Electron-Based Calculations of Phonon Dispersion in Silicon Nanomembranes of Increasing Thickness University Union, Phoenix RoomsEvan Macintosh • William Parker Forging a Head with 3D Software: Reconstructing a Fossil Crocodilian Skull University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristopher Noto • Aaron Taylor Genetic Analysis of Phragmites australis Leaf Samples to Determine the Presence of Native or Exotic Haplotypes University Union, Phoenix RoomsLisa Grubisha • Rebecca Malcore Intake of Diets Supplemented with Sauerkraut Juice in One Month Old Holstein Calves University Union, Phoenix RoomsStephanie Van Asten • Krista Hardyman • Peter Lammers • Tera Montgomery Measuring the Doppler Effect of Cepheid Variable Stars University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamantha Pedek • Glenn Spiczak Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor Fabrication University Union, Phoenix RoomsJoshua Hunt • Cavan Maher • Lowell McCann • Dylan Windsor Migratory habits of macroinvertebrates in ephemeral playas in Colorado University Union, Phoenix RoomsBrian O'Neill • Marisa Vargas Modeling Wind Speed Distributions Using Skewed Probability Functions: A Monte Carlo Simulation with Applications to Real Wind Speed Data University Union, Phoenix RoomsMohammad Aziz • Kaolee Yang Molecular dynamic simulations of bulk and aqueous solutions of acetone with all-atom polarizable force fields University Union, Phoenix RoomsTsun-Mei Chang • Andrew Fastenau Our Polluted Waterways - A Gunpowder Mapping Project University Union, Phoenix Room AHailey Breister • Mathew Dooley Performance of Weaned Pigs Fed Progressive Increments of Whey Extract Powder University Union, Phoenix RoomsKrista Hardyman • Peter Lammers • Joanna Schroeder Phosphorous Accumulation and Removal Potential in Common Best Management Practices University Union, Phoenix RoomsMathew Dornbush • Isabelle George • Jason Murillo Producing Protein Models for Chemistry Education University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristopher Bianchetti • Jeshanah Zolkowski Remote sensing interpretation methods and forest cover change among Maya and Mennonite communities in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico University Union, Phoenix RoomsJohn Kelly • Annie McIntyre Removal of Methylmercury within Fish Fillets Using Vacuum Tumblers and Reducing Agents University Union, Phoenix RoomsJohn Ejnik • Sura-attha Umasangtongkul Species Level Mapping of Treeline Vegetation in Nepal, Himalaya Using Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Imagery for Monitoring Climate Change Impacts University Union, Phoenix RoomsNiti Mishra • Jackson Radenz Synergistic Impacts of Coastal Eutrophication and Elevated Ocean Temperature on Coral Biogeochemistry University Union, Phoenix RoomsStephen Levas • Phibi Miller The Enhancing Effect of Attention University Union, Phoenix RoomsMelissa Gregg • Jeremy Wilbourn Throat Color Variation in Male and Female Eastern Grey Treefrogs University Union, Phoenix RoomsGerlinde Hoebel • Emily Ruder Triops interactions: drivers and feedbacks in playa lake communities University Union, Phoenix RoomsMitchell Van Dyke • Brian O'Neill Using Crispr/Cas9 Technology to Inhibit Ribonucleotide Reductase Activity in Aedes Aegypti University Union, Phoenix RoomsDaphne Pham • Selena Wegmet Winds and Jets Mutual Suppression in Quasars? University Union, Phoenix RoomsZhengzhan Shang • Sebastian Zamfir A Full Serving of Restaurant Server Experiences: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Amberlee Jorgenson A Policy Analysis on the Infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer in Michigan University Union, Phoenix RoomsDavid Helpap • Lilly Johnson Analysis of Clothing Fasteners Found at the Montgomery Cabin Site University Union, Phoenix RoomsSarah Gabbey • Robert Sasso Arab American Institute: Management Analysis University Union, Phoenix RoomsNatalie Hoffman • Lora Warner Association Between Thought Suppression Task, Anxiety, and Beta Brain Wave Patterns University Union, Phoenix RoomsLukas Dommer • Han Joo Lee Characterizing Food Purchases of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Participants: A Case Study of Grocery Stores in Three Different Wisconsin Metropolitan Areas University Union, Phoenix RoomsNathan Gilger • Eric Jamelske • Katelyn Kleutsch • Kelly Schneider Dressed to Serve, Don't Perv: Studying Objectification of Restaurant Servers University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Amberlee Jorgenson Electrolytic Cleaning and Identification of Square Nails from the Montgomery Site University Union, Phoenix RoomsJessica Hebert • Robert Sasso Enhancing Physical Performance University Union, Phoenix RoomsJaclyn Delagrange • Regan Gurung • Kassidy Murphy Identifying Recovered Faunal Remains for Use in the UW-Parkside Archaeology Comparative Collection University Union, Phoenix RoomsMadeline Baumeister • Robert Sasso Immigrant Mental Health and Acculturation University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Isaias Jauregui • Bao Nhia Xiong Improving Food Choices for Low Income Women with Children: A Case Study of Including Fruits and Vegetables the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Food Package in One Wisconsin Metropolitan Area University Union, Phoenix RoomsEric Jamelske • Shinhoo Park • Ashley Ramaker • Allison Schneider Increasing Healthy Food Access for Low Income Families: A Case Study of Doubling Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits at the Farmers Market in One Wisconsin Metropolitan Area University Union, Phoenix RoomsJake Arneson • Eric Jamelske • Olivia Jonasen • Levi Soborowicz Measuring Singular vs. Plural Comprehension: The Differences in Gender in the Development of Numeric Understanding University Union, Phoenix RoomsSavannah Bruecker • Paola Gonzalez • Amanda Salewski • Sawa Senzaki • Danielle Zahn Media Framing of East Asian Territorial Disputes University Union, Phoenix RoomsAllison Anhalt • Won Jang Normative Ambiguity and how it Relates to Intimate Partner Violence within the College Population: The Importance of Perceptions. University Union, Phoenix RoomsMarissa Fredrickson • Paige Miller Pathways to Grit University Union, Phoenix RoomsJason Cowell • Joshua Heimerl Sexual Objectification of Celebrity Men University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamantha Alger-Feser • Mackenzie Bowe • Regan Gurung • Rosalyn Stoa Steven Spielberg: The Director University Union, Phoenix RoomsBryan Carr • Erika Hesselink Stigma in the Workplace: How Disclosure Effects Co-worker Attitudes University Union, Phoenix RoomsTaylor Kaether • Kristin Vespia The Effect of Body Satisfaction on Body Perception University Union, Phoenix RoomsMelanye Ayres • Rachel Harris • Jacob McPherson The Effect of Gang Prevalence on Academic Achievement of Area Children University Union, Phoenix RoomsTaylor Griffith • David Welsch The Institutional History of Afterschool Programs in the Urban Environment University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristopher Davis The relation between False memory and Problem-solving style for three types of problems University Union, Phoenix RoomsEdward Bowden • Richard Caldwell The Relationship Between Negative Life Stressors and Coping With Memory Complaint University Union, Phoenix RoomsDarsity Birling • Bryanna Blochowiak • Suzy Schober • Dean VonDras • Scott Wallestad Using Window Glass to Date Cabin Structures at the Montgomery Cabin Site, Kenosha County University Union, Phoenix RoomsNathan Gray • Robert Sasso Welcome to the Gun Show: Objectification of the Everyday Man University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamantha Alger-Feser • Mackenzie Bowe • Regan Gurung • Nicholas Livingston • Rosalyn Stoa • Jessica Wolf Wisconsin State Infrastructure Funding: A Public Policy Analysis University Union, Phoenix RoomsMorgan Aschenbrenner • David Helpap Designing A Unique Hands-On Module Using The BERO Cell-Bot To Teach Functional Programming At The Middle-School Level For Generating Interests In Coding And Robotics University Union, Phoenix RoomsAnkur Chattopadhyay • Sallie Petty • Elizabeth Quigley Multimedia Project Spanning Several Different Forms and Content Delivery Platforms University Union, Phoenix Room ABryan Carr • Brooke Iserloth


Developing Global Competencies and Global Capacities in Two Teacher Education Programs through International Collaboration (Phase II) University Union, Manistique RoomElizabeth Davis • Ian Harvatine • Samuel Rossmiller • Eric Torres • Leah Wagner • Jenna Washetas Mitigating the Consequences of Opiate Abuse in Brown County University Union, World Unity Room ANick Faust • David Helpap Historic Trauma in First Nations Communities. University Union, Room 125Sapatis Menomin • Lisa Poupart One and the Same: Why the Mind and Body are Ultimately the Same Thing University Union, World Unity Room BKennedy Himmel • Christopher Martin Diversity and Behavior of Native Bees in Southeastern Wisconsin Using Bee Hotel University Union, Room 103Donna Charleston • Jessica Orlofske Impacts of Xylella fastidiosa's Endoglucanases on Pierce's Disease Symptom Development of Cabernet Sauvignon Vines University Union, Christie TheatreBailey Boudreau • Joseph Grosskopf • Qiang Sun • Maiyer Yang Mares, Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy (MRP), and a Mystery: Does the Endothelial Sodium Channel (ENaC) Play a Role? University Union, 1965 RoomCasie Bass • Sheri Dorsam • Anna Grazul-Bilska • Alison Mickelson • Veselina Valkov Investigating Support for an International Climate Change Treaty Among Chinese and American Citizens: Comparing Results from Surveys Conducted in 2015 and 2017 University Union, Wequiock RoomKayla Coonen • Austin Holmes • Eric Jamelske • Anastasia Rauland





Annette and Dale Schuh Visiting Artist Endowment Branding University Union, Phoenix RoomsJacob Fischer • Renee Melton Intensive / Extensive: Representing the Multivalent Reality of Architecture University Union, Phoenix RoomsAlexandra Dewey • Alex Timmer A Comparison of Athletic Performance Among Male and Female Olympians University Union, Phoenix RoomsAntonino Bommarito • James Marker Generating Public Art in Downtown Green Bay University Union, Phoenix RoomsJess Danen • David Helpap Limited Funds and Insufficient Training: Prohibition Enforcement in Southeastern Wisconsin, 1919-1929 University Union, Phoenix RoomsKarl Brown • William John Petry Student's Knowledge of the Features of African American English University Union, Phoenix RoomsLaken Jones • Lori Swanson Sunny Meadows Senior Living Village: The Impact of the Built Environment on Residents with Alzheimer's and Dementia University Union, Phoenix RoomsNisha Fernando • Abbey Johnson The Analysis of White Clay Pipes from the Montgomery Site, Kenosha County. University Union, Phoenix RoomsSean Riley • Robert Sasso The Sweeney Todd Project University Union, Phoenix RoomsEmma Ferron • Rebecca Nesvet • Beth Siltala A Bacterial Pectinase Alone Cannot Contribute to Pierce's Disease Symptom Development of Cabernet Sauvignon Vines University Union, Phoenix RoomsCraig Fisher • Bryce Hall • Qiang Sun • Gregory Weals A Reverse-Biased LED as a Low-Cost Photon Detector University Union, Phoenix RoomsPalash Banerjee • Kaylie Cartwright A Statistical Analysis of (Re-)development Potential in Eau Claire County University Union, Phoenix RoomsAbra Brisbin • Abe Dickenson • Thao Tran Acute Toxicity of Naproxen Sodium to Select Aquatic Macroinvertebrates University Union, Phoenix RoomsJosie Hanrahan • Elizabeth Harrahy An Examination of Feature Loss Over Time in Auditory Memory University Union, Phoenix RoomsAmber Carleton • Melissa Gregg • Amanda Marks ARCC@UWM: Searching and Solving Pulsar Puzzles University Union, Phoenix RoomsDaniel Cairns • Travis Fichtenbauer • William Fiore • David Kaplan • Kaitlin Krause • Xavier Siemens Are Dikes Magmatic Snail Trails? Experiments on Solidification Induced Phenomena in Magmatic Dikes University Union, Phoenix RoomsJennifer Bahling • Ryan Currier Bacterial community composition across varied agriculture techniques University Union, Phoenix RoomsLydia DeWeese • Zachary Gates • Lisa Grubisha Characterization of a Short Chain Fatty Acid Kinase from Desulfovibrio vulgaris str. Hildenborough University Union, Phoenix RoomsMax Bachochin • Robert Barber • Jessica Castillo Venegas Chemically Bonding Different Fluorescent Compounds to Optical Fibers University Union, Phoenix RoomsEric Edwards • Jorg Woehl Community Structure and Diet Composition of Fishes within The Lower Fox River, Green Bay, Wisconsin University Union, Phoenix RoomsLydia Doerr • Patrick Forsythe • Christopher Houghton • Stefan Tucker • Spencer Vanderbloemen Contamination Control in Micro- and Nano- Textured Surfaces University Union, Phoenix RoomsGokul Gopalakrishnan • Zachary Gotto • James Hamilton • Mark Levenstein • Trevor Wavrunek Development of a Thermoelectric Cooling Prototype University Union, Phoenix RoomsThomas Coull • Steven Girard Do Gardening Hacks Really Work? A Case Study Using Banana Puree University Union, Phoenix RoomsEmma Dimick • Laura Lee • Jayme Oestreich Effects of a Mixture of Triclocarban and Ibuprofen on the Water Flea, Ceriodaphnia dubia University Union, Phoenix RoomsKatrina Engelbrecht Flow Lifetimes at Small Scales in Solar Convection University Union, Phoenix RoomsRiley Heiman • Brian Welsch Genetic Analysis of Northern Wild Rice (Zizania palustris) Varieties in the Bay of Green Bay University Union, Phoenix RoomsKathi Arnold • Amy Carrozzino-Lyon • Lisa Grubisha Going Deep Yields Novel Gram-Negative Bacterial Producers of Broad Spectrum Antibiotics University Union, Phoenix RoomsFrank Dailey • Andrew Kehm • Tammy Kowalczyk • Aiden Phalen Interactions Between Fluorescence Dyes and Selected Earth Materials University Union, Phoenix RoomsAnthony Guido • Hera Hulsey • Kasey Kugler • Zhaohui Li • Pete Piliouras Kinetics of Formation of Struvite from Wastewater University Union, Phoenix RoomsZac Chambers • Jennifer Schuttlefield-Christus MOLECULAR ANALYSIS OF EXUVIAE TO DETERMINE SPECIES IDENTITY AND POPULATION STRUCTURE OF GOMPHID DRAGONFLIES University Union, Phoenix RoomsCora Bilhorn • Jessica Orlofske Molecular Genetic Analysis of 5'-3' Exoribonuclease (Xrn) Mutants in the Model Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii University Union, Phoenix RoomsMegan Augustine • David Higgs • Purvi Patel Phosphate Trends of Centerville Creek in Manitowoc County, WI University Union, Phoenix RoomsRebecca Abler • Abby Adams • Paige Arneson • Beth Ebben • Rick Hein • Matt Reed • Alec Seguin • Nick Wiedemann Polyelectrolyte Nanofilms for Controlled Release Drug Delivery Applications University Union, Phoenix RoomsSoma Chattopadyay • Christopher Hampton • Sherrie Heinz-Kunert • Alexandra Mines Progress Toward the Synthesis of a Cancer Medication University Union, Phoenix RoomsMareah Desotelle • Nerline Jordan • Reed Mikaela • Jason Murillo • Kristin Rauch • Josh Vollmar • Julie Wondergem Protein Restriction Increases Liver Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Expression in Growing Pigs University Union, Phoenix RoomsJames Hampton • Grahm Schneider Searching for Pulsars with FAST University Union, Phoenix RoomsZachary Komassa • Di Li • Shana Li • Zhichen Pan Slither Slither Little Snake: new specimens of a primitive snake from Texas. University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristopher Noto • Summer Ostrowski • Holly Peterson Soil communities and switchgrass: mycorrhizal and microbial effect on plant growth and phosphorus uptake University Union, Phoenix RoomsKenzie Ostien • Karen Stahlheber Students for the Exploration and Development of Space--RockSat C Payload University Union, Phoenix RoomsBob Aloisi • Daniel Cairns • David Kaplan • Ryan Kisolek • Kaitlin Krause • August Schuett Sugar high: Characterization of Escherichia coli genes that affect growth during glucose-phosphate stress University Union, Phoenix RoomsGregory Richards • Bianca Ruffolo • Jennifer Shaw Synthesis of a Metal-Organic Framework for applications in gas separation University Union, Phoenix RoomsMohammad Rabbani • Jamison Tibbetts • Madeline Zilles Synthesis of the Substrate to be Used in the Development of a Nitrogen Heterocycle Forming Reaction University Union, Phoenix RoomsBrigit Flynn • Celena Josephitis • Kathryn McGarry • Greg Regazzi Synthesis Process and Studies on Electronic Properties of Metals Doped PBCO University Union, Phoenix RoomsNathan Arndt • Hom Kandel • Zhongrui Li Teachable Moments 2016 and 2017 University Union, Phoenix RoomsFaith Baier • Lucas Heimmermann • Sara Odegard • Kaleiah Schiller • Kurt Vogel Testing Experimental and Theoretical Descriptors of Selected Hydrogen-bonded Complexes: Natural Bond Orbital Study University Union, Phoenix RoomsMohamed Ayoub • Amelia Hansen • Benjamin Spicer The Antimicrobial Effects of Zinc and Copper Ion Based Cleaners: Samaritan Shield® University Union, Phoenix RoomsRachel Fehrman • Evan Gibson • Heather Pelzel The Waukesha Diversion: modeling river flow scenarios from the Root River dam removal University Union, Phoenix RoomsJoshua Carlson • Justin White Thermal Imaging of Buried Heterostructure Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) by Thermoreflectance Microscopy University Union, Phoenix RoomsNick Becher • D. Botez • Tom Earles • Maryam Farzaneh • L.J. Mawst • Chris Sigler Transgenic Rescue of Ce-daf-16 with Bma-daf-16 University Union, Phoenix RoomsKirsten Crossgrove • Alanna Gould Using Reporter Genes to Monitor the Onset of Circadian Rhythm in Xenopus leavis Embryos University Union, Phoenix RoomsKristen Curran • Lindsey Kuhagen Utilizing Turtle Shell Taphonomy to Determine Depositional Conditions at a Fossil Site From Texas University Union, Phoenix RoomsMelissa Acosta • Christopher Noto An Analysis of Faunal Remains Recovered During the 2017 Field Investigations at the Montgomery Site in Kenosha County University Union, Phoenix RoomsKatelyn Kahl • Robert Sasso Attention to Numbers: The Influence of Language on the Development of Numeric Understanding Between American and Japanese Preschool Children University Union, Phoenix RoomsSavannah Bruecker • Paola Gonzalez • Amanda Salewski • Sawa Senzaki • Katrina Weber • Danielle Zahn Can Sports Apparel Diffuse Racism? University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Nicholas Livingston • Morgan Storkson • Emily Tran Cannabis Relative to Alcohol and Tobacco University Union, Phoenix RoomsJoshua Rosenkranz Cross-Cultural Study of the Development of Second Order Theory of Mind in Children University Union, Phoenix RoomsSawa Senzaki • Rachael Smith Death Anxiety in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood: Social and Societal Influences University Union, Phoenix RoomsIllene Cupit • Danielle Zahn Effects of Early Onset Marijuana Use on Executive Functioning Compared to Late Onset Marijuana Use University Union, Phoenix RoomsKyle Jennette • Sarah Lehman • Krista Lisdahl • Alexander Wallace Employer Factors on Hiring Ex-Offenders University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Morgan Storkson Evaluating Intervention Strategies for Individuals with Operating While Intoxicated Offenses University Union, Phoenix RoomsMeg Waraczynski • Alissa Zawacki Examining the Role of the Pirwa's After-School Program for Children in the Community of Huancarani, Bolivia University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristine Hippert • Ashley Schwartz Introducing KFC: Knowing the Flag of the Confederacy Scale University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Elizabeth Punke • Morgan Storkson • Sam Svoboda Investigating Chinese and American Views on Climate Change Including a Calculated Knowledge/Acceptance/Concern Score: Comparing Results from Surveys Conducted in 2015 and 2017 University Union, Phoenix RoomsConnor Adams • Zhixin Fang • Eric Jamelske • Ashley Pike Investigating Support for an International Climate Change Treaty Among Chinese and American Citizens: Comparing Results from Surveys Conducted in 2015 and 2017 University Union, Phoenix RoomsKayla Coonen • Austin Holmes • Eric Jamelske • Anastasia Rauland Investigating the Willingness-to-Pay for Climate Change Policy Action to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Among Chinese and American Citizens: Comparing Results from Surveys Conducted in 2015 and 2017 University Union, Phoenix RoomsAdara Coker • Cora Cornett • Eric Jamelske • Andrew Moran Mediator Style Fashionistas: What are Mediator Styles and Do They Matter to Mediators or Parties? University Union, Phoenix RoomsMaria Cuzzo • Reggie Semanko Middle school girls' musical preference: Factors that impact preference for music through familiarity University Union, Phoenix RoomsSharri VanAlstine • Hana Worsham Music Influence on Perception: Evoking or Negating Racial Stereotypes University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Nicholas Livingston • Emily Tran Perceptions of individuals who "come out" as mentally ill. University Union, Phoenix RoomsRichard Seefeldt • Jaycie Westphal Promoting Positive Mental Health: The Protective Role of Education and Social Support in Reducing the Impact of Childhood Adversity University Union, Phoenix RoomsColleen Janczewski • Pilar Olvera Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated Women University Union, Phoenix RoomsMorgan Pertzborn • Alison Staudinger Socialization of Morality: The Influence of Parental Values on Moral Development University Union, Phoenix RoomsSavannah Bruecker • Paola Gonzalez • Amanda Salewski • Sawa Senzaki • Katrina Weber • Danielle Zahn Stereotypes of Student Athletes University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Samantha Maglio The Devil Made Me Do It; Morality and Reasoning University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Elizabeth Punke The Effects of Experimenter-Selected versus Self-Selected Music on Emotion and Cognitive Task Performance University Union, Phoenix RoomsAlyssa del Plaine • Trapeh Tubre • Brandon Westholm The Equal Rights Amendment and its Advocates in the Women of Wisconsin University Union, Phoenix RoomsKatelyn Rigotti • Jodi Vandenberg-Daves The Impact of Alcohol Access on Health University Union, Phoenix RoomsBrandon Rust • Yuhan Xue The Influence of T-Shirt Graphics on Perceptions and Behaviors University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamantha Alger-Feser • Mackenzie Bowe • Regan Gurung • Rosalyn Stoa The Perception of Residents Based on House Type University Union, Phoenix RoomsSierra Lardinois • Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges The Social Brain: Parent-Child Attachment on Developing Moral Neuroscience. University Union, Phoenix RoomsSavannah Bruecker • Destany Calma-Birling • Jason Cowell • Joshua Heimerl • Sawa Senzaki • Taylor Zuleger Trauma and Everyday Moral Reasoning University Union, Phoenix RoomsJason Cowell • Alycia Winters Understanding Attrition in the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program University Union, Phoenix RoomsNate Kelty • Jonah Ralston Career Readiness in the Community: A Program Evaluation of the Boys & Girls Club University Union, Phoenix RoomsKara Berghuis • Jen Schanen • Amber Schlies • Chinyere Stevens Consumer Price Index for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Recipients University Union, Phoenix RoomsTyler Fallahi • Nick Guo Effects of a Disability Awareness Merit Badge Clinic on Boy Scouts' Attitudes toward Disability University Union, Phoenix RoomsJennifer Anderson • Cyen Bero • Sarah Malek • Katelyn Scherer • Loren Wilbers A Text-To-Speech Synthesizer for Hmong University Union, Phoenix RoomsIftehkar Anam • Shawn Yang Developing a Unique Android App-driven Nifty Middle-School Educational Module on Mobile Security for Driving Basic Information Security Awareness and Generating Interests in Cybersecurity University Union, Phoenix RoomsVince Cefalu • Ankur Chattopadhyay • Thomas Everson • Matt Neis Digital Alarm Clock University Union, Phoenix RoomsSergei Bezroukov • Regina Rex EMBI and Aurora BayCare Sustainability Partnership University Union, Phoenix RoomsJohn Arendt • Eric Short Microcontroller Snake Game University Union, Phoenix RoomsSergei Bezrukov • Matthew Holcomb Optimization of the Design and Control System for a Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis Using the Wavelet Transform and Fuzzy Logic University Union, Phoenix RoomsRoman Alvarado • Lowell McCann Radio Frequency Identification using Raspberry PI University Union, Phoenix RoomsAnkur Chattopadhyay • Alexander Swiecichowski SPOT: a domain-specific language for code modification University Union, Phoenix RoomsCole Nelson • Songqing (Joshua) Yue